Email Marketing Software

How do you go about rolling out an effective email campaign?

Firstly you will need a good bulk email software, a program that can manage the sending and analysis of your email and its impact on your target audience. We are assuming that you have already built up a healthy email mailing list to send emails to.

There is a wide range of email sending clients out there, and it can be tricky to decide which one to go for. Thankfully we’re good at these things, so we have taken the trouble of picking four top email marketing tools and outlined the main benefits of each supplier.


Supplier Features Price for 10,000 Recipients
aweber5 starAWeber 30-day free trial, mobile responsive templates, drag and drop email builder,
analytics, industry leading deliverability, unlimited email sending
$69 p/m Get Started Today!
Constant Contact5 starConstant Contact 60-day free trial, building tools, mobile friendly templates, manage contacts,
social media tools, file storage, real-time reports,
$95 p/m
GetResponse5 starGetResponse 30 day free trial, translation to 20+ languages, high
converting links and ads, customer support
$65 p/m Get Started Today!
Mailigen5 starMailigen Discounts for marketers, client orientated service,
competitive commission rates, affiliate exclusive banners
$65 p/m


Overall AWeber is a solid email marketing tool with plenty of features for the price point.  It has been commended for its ease of use and intuitive templates and navigation.  It has many users that are all happy with the software and service provided.

Some users note that the automation side of the software still needs a bit of work, and that it is not quite as in depth as some other providers.  However, for the price AWeber is still very good if it is relatively simple compared to the competition. 



GetResponse have over 350,000 users, and provide a great email marketing solution for those who like good customer service.  It has some useful features and comes in at a competitive price point, making it an ideal choice for users that need to roll out small to medium sized email campaigns.

Their software is functional, however they have been criticised for not having quite as many features as their competitors.  Some users felt that they were becoming a bit outdated compared to other providers, however the fact that they still have a loyal user base means that they must be doing something right.

contant contact

This year marks the 25th Birthday of Constant Contact, making them one of the oldest email marketing companies going.  Not only have they got expertise going for them, they also have scalability.  Constant Contact send over 200 million emails every day, which is a staggering amount.

One thing to note about this provider however is the fact that it is generally quite a simple platform and it does not have as many features as some of the other providers.  Their email templates are also a little basic and the platform does not seem quite as innovative as some of the competition.  That said, it gets the job done without any issues, so if it is simplicity you are looking for then this could be the one for you.


Mailigen comes in as one of the more popular email sending services amongst users.  Customer satisfaction rates are high due to the fact that it has great technical support and the software itself is easy to use.

Some of the drawbacks however include the fact that some users feel that the analytics are a little bit lacking.  Users also report that the lack of report building and exporting is a major drawback for marketing firms that want to give these metrics to their clients.

Is Email Marketing Still Relevant in 2020?

To answer this question, we really have to go back to the origin of the online world. One could argue that emails are quite literally the foundation upon which the whole internet was conceived.

At some point during the 1970s the first ever email was sent by Ray Tomlinson, and the internet was born. Computers were now able to talk to each other and send and receive data across continents. Then in 1978, the first marketing email ever was sent by a man named Gary Thuerk, to 400 recipients advertising a manufacturing company.

This means that email marketing has been going on for over 40 years! And perhaps the most amazing thing about this is that email marketing continues to be one of the, if not the most effective digital marketing channel.

But What About Social Media?

Yes, we hear you, it is true that social media marketing has risen quickly to become one of the most effective ways of reaching consumer groups. However, we can all name at least one failed social media site that has came and went.

So, although they have quickly become one of the more favoured faucets of digital marketers, they still do not have the longevity that email marketing campaigns have.

In fact, in an independent survey conducted by webworxlabs, the results found that professional marketers rate email campaigns slightly higher than social media marketing. 

Just because social media marketing is trending as the more mainstream way of marketing doesn’t mean that it has the greatest return on investment.

But Email Campaigns Are Outdated and Spammy, Aren’t They?

This is the view held by many fresh faced marketers, but this is 2020, and gone are the days of generic, churned out emails that bombard the recipients with links and click bait.

The truth is, almost everyone who is online has an email address, and 90% of people who do use email check their inbox every day. What’s more, email providers have become extremely proficient in identifying junk or spammy emails, meaning that most people have an email inbox that is relatively uncluttered.

Couple this with the fact that most people appear on email lists through product purchases, and you end up with a pretty clear picture of why emails can resonate with people who are already interested in your products or services.

Targeted and Relevant Email Campaigns

If you want to start reaping the benifits that email marketing has to offer, we can help.

We have years of experience working with a wide range of clients from a broad range of sectors.

We know how to get sustained, long term results from effective email campaigns.

We can help build and engage your audience to get leads and enquiries, so get in touch today if you want to get started.