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Linux Hosting

WPNode have been Linux Hosting experts since our inception. We can offer a wide variety of Linux web hosting services which will inevitably meet your needs regardless of how specific they are. All of these services take place through our Swift platform which ensures that our hosting servers are superior to all other providers. You can opt into our turbo servers which can provide you with page loading times which are twenty times faster than competing Linux Hosting providers.

Don’t use Linux on your desktop PC? No problem, you can still take full advantage of WPNode’s Linux web hosting opportunities. The operating system which your desktop PC uses shouldn’t influence your decision regarding which web host is best for you. Linux web servers make hosting extremely easy. Primary hosting activities are very similar for Windows and Linux web servers but the advantages which are prominent within Linux hosting are considerable.

What Is Linux Hosting?

Web hosting on a Linux-based server can prove vital with regards to helping developers to create their own site within the Linux Operating System. A Linux Server provides web developers with the opportunity to use well-known and vigorous open source programs such as Python, PHP, PostgreSQL and SSH to build their site to meet their precise desired specifications.

Easy To Use

Linux Hosting through WPNode provides people without any previously knowledge of Linux to still enjoy the full benefits of the hosting through the cPanel control panel. This panel plays a crucial role in management of web hosting becoming as easy as possible. This can help considerably with your software, domains, databases, email and domains all while enjoying cPanel’s interactive interface.

Main Benefits

A server’s system which it is built upon controls the simple but most important elements of your site’s experience for users. It is important that you are familiar with the benefits you will achieve from choosing WPNode’s Linux Hosting.

Linux has a huge online community of developers who are keen to help you. This community can essentially act as a support network. As a result of this community sharing ideas, Linux is an extremely progressive platform as new ideas are consistently generated and the creative thinking can help Linux stay ahead of its competitors.

Linux Hosting has a well-respected reputation due to its impressive security measures. This can also be credited to the huge community of developers who are constantly striving to locate and resolve and bugs they discover.

Linux Hosting also provides users with the opportunity to make the most of Open Source software. This tends to be free of charge, which means that you will be able to invest your budget on other resources such as promotion of your company or website.