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Why Should You Choose Magento?

Selecting the appropriate platform for your business online is critical. As Magento is designed as an eCommerce solution, it acts as the foundation for over 25% of all stores online. It is not a coincidence that Magento is so popular. It is one of the best scripts available on the market. If you combine Magento with WP Node’s servers then we can guarantee you will have an online store which performs better than any competitors.

User Experience

It is immensely important that users visiting your site are able to enjoy as seamless an experience as possible. Using Magento optimised hosting is crucial in order for online businesses being able to provide the best shopping experience possible.

Google Likes Magento

Magento is SEO friendly. Search engine optimisation is key in order for businesses to be capable of increasing the amount of traffic which comes to their site. The more potential consumers you have visiting your site, the higher the number of conversions you are likely to achieve as a result.

Conversion Focused

Because Magento is designed specifically to assist with the creation of online shops, Magento is perfect to help you get as many people purchasing from your website as possible. Magento will provide you with numerous extensions and features to help your site fulfil its potential.

Marketing And Selling Online – Magento

Marketing and selling online can be an arduous task but with the help of WooCommerce hosting you can enjoy a fantastic range of benefits and features exclusive to this hosting software.

 WooCommerce is the perfect platform for online selling and marketing offering scalable and fast hosting solutions for your ecommerce site:

First step

Select the best plan for you

Choose your hosting solution and you can even try a free 30 trial to see if we’re as good as we say we are! (Spoiler alert, we are)

Second step

Create your online shop

Go through the set-up steps in order to get your website live. You can get instant support from our customer support team at any point throughout this process.

Third step

Make your site LIVE!

Install Magento today with just ONE click of a button and begin your eCommerce journey!
Make an online store that will sell more!

What Unique Features Does Magento Have?

Magento has a variety of different unique features that can benefit those using the platform. Each of its unique features can benefit your website in different ways from businesses to individuals and everything in between.

Cache From Server Side

This helps ensure that your online store loads up as quickly as possible. WP Node uses unique caching through a unique Nginx setup.

Designed For Growth

As your online store gains traction, it’s likely that you will need more power to deal with the increased demand. At WP Node, you can get additional resources and upgrade your plans whenever necessary.

CloudFlare Integration

By integrating your CloudFlare and giving your Magento store the power it needs it will prove an additional layer of protection against Distributed Denial Of Service attacks.

Magento Hosting FAQ

Our answers to frequently asked Magento hosting inquiries

What is Magento?

Magento is a platform which powers numerous ecommerce sites on the internet. It is built upon the premise of allowing business owners with an online platform which can be used to sell virtual or physical goods. Improvements are constantly being made to Magento which is a major reason for it being so popular with both experienced developers and novices.

What Does Magento Hosting Mean?

Magento hosting helps provide its users with a hosting environment which is fully optimised to result in the best Magento performance possible. The most recent MySQL and PHP updates have resulted in quicker server-side cache which has resulted in all ecommerce websites now being capable of converting users visiting the site into paying customers rapidly. Magento hosting lays the foundation for numerous major retailers as well as budding entrepreneurs.

Can Shared Hosting Work With Magento?

Here at WP Node we are delighted to be able to offer you the possibility of shared hosting. However, it is very important that you set things up appropriately. Selecting affordable Magento provider who won’t fall short on power is crucial. Our support team are always available to provide solutions to any issues which you encounter while using our services.

What Is Magento Written In?

Magento is written in PHP. Utilising an powerful PHP framework called Zend it features an object orientated programming architecture.

Will You Transfer My Existing Magento Store To WP Node?

Absolutely! Our customer support centre will be within you every step of the way whenever you need them. Whether it’s a issue which you cant get past yourself or just a simple question which you need help with, just give our team a call or email and a knowledgeable expert will assist you.