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Already Hosting WordPress Somewhere Else?

While other hosting providers are charging a lot for site transfers, our customer success agents will do it free of charge!

Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is used as the platform for 30% of the websites on the internet. There are numerous reasons why WordPress is so popular. It provides an easy to use interface for first time site builders and can also be used very efficiently by experienced web designers. There are huge amounts of tools which can be used within WordPress which makes the entire web design process much easier. The entirety of your website can be managed through one interface. Use WP Node, and set up WordPress today.

WordPress Support

WP Node’s customer support is always available to assist with any WordPress queries or issues at all times. Our support is able to provide you with ultimate relaxation thanks to our specialists being capable of solving any issues with your new site immediately. Our support team can resolve any type of issue which you encounter with your site.


WordPress can be utilised in order to create any aspect of a website. WordPress can provide people with a landing page or an online forum which can be easily managed. WordPress allows people to manage the layout, functionality and content of their website using a simple dashboard.

Fast Learning Process

For novices, WordPress provides the perfect platform to get an understanding of how to develop a website. However, skilled developers should be appreciative of the opportunities which WordPress can provide. WordPress has countless development guides and tutorials which can be used to help developers to complete any task on the websites regardless of how complex it was.


Never Ending Tools

With incredible amounts of templates, widgets, plug-ins and add-ons, WordPress is the ideal platform for website owners to use who are wanting to maximise the efficiency of their website. Customisation is the key element of WordPress, and unlike other platforms it essentially provides complete freedom to customise the feel and look of your website.

Google Likes WordPress

WordPress is incredibly SEO friendly. Although it’s great to have a nice-looking website which functions well, when combined with effective SEO it can see significant results. Fortunately, WordPress is ideal for any SEO work as Google’s algorithm’s suit WordPress sites. This results in WordPress websites tending to rank better online.

WordPress hosting: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We understand your doubts about our WordPress hosting, just because it’s absolutely free. Don’t worry! We are always be prepared to clear your doubts. If you didn’t find your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an easily accessed tool which is installed on your website server to provide you with a platform to create a blog or website of your own. It is widely regarded as by far the easiest content management system with exists in the market today. WordPress is utilised by many Fortune 500 companies and other incredibly popular blogging sites. With numerous aids being available within the system, you will receive as much help as you need for anything you hope to achieve on your site.

What Type Of Site Can I Make Using WordPress?

At its inception, WordPress was designed as a tool for blogging. However, it swiftly began being used to manage very complex ecommerce stores and networks. Any type of website is capable of being created through WordPress. A businesses website can be built through WordPress, ranging all the way to a personal blog.

What Makes WordPress Hosting Different To Regular Hosting?

WordPress hosting performs far better, is more efficient and has better resources than normal website hosting. WP Node is able to provide WordPress hosting packages. Our hosting servers allow you to install WordPress with just a click of a button. The plug-ins which WordPress provides being associated with your website will result in the overall performance of your website being excellent.

Where Do I Start After Buying WP Node’s WordPress Hosting?

Here at WP Node, we want to make sure that WordPress installation is as easy as possible. That’s why we have installed a 1-click installer into our website which allows users to install WordPress within seconds. All you need to do after your install is completed, is type “/wp-admin” after your domain name. This allows you to access the WordPress admin section which allows you to get started.

What If My WordPress Website Is Already Being Hosted By Another Provider?

Don’t worry if you’re already using an inferior hosting provider, you weren’t to know. Again, with just one click your WordPress website can be moved over to WP Node! The process will be swift and painless for you. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter difficulties with the process, our customer service team will always be available to guide you through the process.