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WPNode’s Node.js hosting is entirely ads free and has no extra costs to catch you out. It is very quick and has effective security measures in place to protect your website. Additionally, our Ninja support is constantly available to assist you with any queries.


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Node.js Hosting

WPNode is the hosting provider which can allow you to start applications through Node.js. As one of the first firms which were able to offer Node.js hosting we have developed a wealth of experience with regards to helping website developers to meet their targets. Our support team is available if you have any burning questions regarding your Node.js hosting experience.

What Is Node.js Hosting?

Web server tasks will vary in severity, certainly every single task will not require the resources of a fully developed server-side scripting language. Node.js offers an easily understandable way for website operators to deal with any requests using something which is less clunky and more user friendly. A JavaScript engine which was originally built by Google’s engineers is used within Node.js which provides a server-side response for website requests. As Node.js utilised JavaScript code there is a very high probability that you may be capable of starting a project due to the ease of using it. Node.js is designed specifically with users in mind attempting to provide as efficient an experience for sites which are expecting a large number of small asynchronous requests from their final users. Mobile apps tend to utilise Node.js as mobiles will tend to make numerous requests in smaller chunks.

Speed Of Hosting

Many hosts will only offer Node.js hosting on their VPS, but we have adapted our hosting servers to ensure they are capable of providing as seamless a Node.js as possible. Our entire Node.js setup process is available in an easily understood format which can help you immediately begin your business developing process. The Node.js selection tool allows you to swiftly set up Node.js applications within the cPanel interface or within commands. Our efficient Serving platform can provide you with the opportunity to select our Turbo option which provides you with an even greater speed boost. Our servers can provide you with a performance which is nearly twenty times faster than our competing providers!

Main Benefits

Node.js is quickly developing to the stage where it is a necessity for web developers to be well versed in for numerous jobs.
Listed below are some of the benefits of utilising Node.js.

Node.js is now commonly used for mobile applications as it provides a small but smart back-end solution for requests handling. It handles numerous smaller tasks very well while leaving a small footprint.

Often used for sites which host high-volume APIs alongside large data sources. Node.js is specifically designed to handle an increase in small requests without turning into a nightmare for memory management and breaking under the strain of heavy loads.

WPNode Node.js experts will ensure that your budget is balanced well against the requirements of your app.