WordPress is the top choice when it comes to choosing your hosting. 74.6 million websites around the globe depend on WordPress for their hosting- that makes it one site for each person in Turkey!

It’s really popular with bloggers and website owners from all industries- around 6 new WordPress posts are created every second!

There is no wonder that most people choose WordPress for its ease of use and robust performance. You must be thinking that it costs a lot to get a WordPress hosting, but we have made it really lucrative for you.

Get WordPress Hosting Completely for Free

If you have been looking for free WordPress hosting, then WPNode will take care of everything for you. Moreover, there is no catch. You can avoid hidden costs, ads, contracts and rigid policies altogether. Moreover, they believe in providing quality services. Your WordPress home page will have a great design and lightning speed. WP Node uses CMS Launcher as their primary supplier for Hosting.

WP Node is offering WordPress hosting absolutely for free! There’s no catch about it, nor are any strings attached! We offer a completely ad free experience with no hidden or extra fees.

We set no boundaries on the things that you can do with our free WordPress hosting. You have the liberty of creating unlimited WordPress sites with a 5 GB SSD storage. We allow unlimited data transfer and free global CDN by CloudFlare.

You also get 1GB free email based on Roundcube.

Any other provider will charge you fees for providing these services- but we are giving it to you for zero charges!

Amazing Features

LEMP Stack- Get your servers up and running with a range of open source software.

W3 Edge- Reduce download times and increase server performance with W3 Total Cache plugin.

CloudFlare- Use the free global CDN provider to speed up your WordPress site and protect it from online threats.

Roundcube- This web-based IMAP email client uses Ajax technology to offer a more responsive and fluid user interface.

SFTP- Secure FTP to prevent data and information leaks through strong encryption.


How to Get WordPress Free Hosting?

It’s really simple to get the advantage of WordPress free hosting at WP Node. Here are the easy steps-

  1. Visit the website of WP Node.

Now you have two ways to get started.

  1. Click on “Get Started” button on the landing page.


Click on “Free Hosting” on the top right part of the website. Then choose “WordPress Hosting.”

  1. Now you can choose your domain. You can register a new domain or use other options to transfer or use your own domain. The cheapest option is to use CMS Launcher subdomain. It’s absolutely FREE!

After your site has been created, you can just log in and start posting your blogs! We handle everything for you, and your WordPress site will be up and running right out of the box.

Having WordPress hosting without spending a dime is a dream that many have. With WPNode, it has now become easier to fulfil it. We are sure you will love every bit of it.