Looking for best free website hosting? A free WordPress hosting service like WPNode has the potential to change your business forever. You will not have to deal with frequent ads and the hassles of drawing up a contract. You will not even have to make any purchases for availing these services.

Layered security system:

Your data is precious and deserves the very best protection. At WPNode, they have ensured the safety of your WordPress data by creating a strong security system. Firstly, they use CloudFlare, a global CDN provider, to protect WordPress from online threats. It blocks spammers and SQL injections along with preventing DDoS attacks.

Secondly, they keep wp-config.php hidden so that you do not have to fall prey to leaks. Thirdly, SFTP helps to encrypt all commands and data so that sensitive information is protected when it is being transmitted over a network.

Simple design:

WordPress hosting can usually prove to be tough for beginners because the settings and the control panel are complicated to handle. However, WPNode ensures that WordPress hosting remains accessible to all. They use CMS launcher which is known for its simple but efficient hosting control panel. All you need to do is log into WordPress so that you begin blogging to your heart’s content.

Fast speed:

A large number of WordPress hosting providers do not allow you to enjoy the benefits of lighting fast speed on your website. However, WPNode is different because it gives you immense speed when you are working. You do not have to worry about a slow webpage because the W3 Total Cache plugin reduces page load time. On the other hand, the LEMP stack helps to boot WordPress.

Unlimited access:

If you want to run a successful WordPress blog, you cannot be bound by restrictions. WPNode allows you to access any WordPress website that you like without hindering you. Since it is a free hosting service, you will not have to pay any extra money either. Moreover, WPNode will never keep visitors from reaching your website and increasing your traffic because of restrictions.

No hidden costs:

The moment one hears the word free, one begins to fear that there might be a catch involved. However, you do not have to worry about that when it comes to WPNode because they do not have any hidden costs. They are upfront with you from the very beginning about everything that you have to do.

CMS Launcher:

One of the best WordPress hosting suppliers in the market, CMS Launcher will allow you 1-click installation so that you do not have to face any hassle. You can get the website running with just one click. Moreover, it provides clients with a brilliant customer support team who are available the entire day. CMS Launcher also believes in assigning project managers to clients so they can feel more confident about their progress in the long run. You will also find that the migration process between servers becomes much smoother when you are using the CMS Launcher.

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